Ask Sammi


ABOUT SAMMI Visionary, Innovation, Style

Sammi Haynes the founder of Love Freedom Movement is a gifted soul that embodies the spirit of a champion. Haynes has built a reputation as a leader, visionary and creative artist with the unique ability to revolutionize any project assigned.

Sammi Haynes is the former Editor In Chief of the Ultimate Beauty Guide publication distributed nationally and internationally, known as SHEEN Magazine.  A graduate of Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville North Carolina. He is the CEO of SH Platinum Enterprises,  a style coach, a brand developer and a motivational speaker to many across the nation.

Sammi Haynes is the epitome of a man seeking to live out his God-given destiny without fear; challenging others to take control of their life to experience fulfillment and success. His mantra, “If God made you an original; why die a copy?” He continues to defy the odds with a intense work ethic to achieve every dream placed in his heart.


Sammi believes every person in the universe is here by divine assignment.  There is no reason to meander through life and never discover your purpose. Your life matter!